Treatment costs

We want our treatments to be of the highest standard, and remain affordable. 

Any cost of treatment or assessment will be discussed with you as we create an individual treatment plan with you, specific to your needs.

The below are examples of treatment costs, but may cost more or less depending on your individual circumstance. Please contact us for further information.

Payment methods

We accept cash and credit/debit/contactless card payments in your home. 



     Week day             Evening / Weekend
        Before 6:30pm               All weekend and weekdays after 6:30pm

Initial Assessments / First visit
(approx 60 - 90 minutes)

Standard Treatment
(approx 45 minutes)

Extended Treatment
(approx 60 minutes)

Travel expenses                                                                             See below







To cover travel expenses, we have a small charge per mile of travel taken for a round trip. This covers both the cost of fuel and the clinical time lost in travelling.

Mileage is free within a 5 mile radius of our business address. For every mile outside this radius we have to travel, we charge 75p per mile.

For example, if Google maps told us the fastest route to your home was 22 miles, we would take the 5 mile radius off, leaving 17 miles. We would then double this for the cost of a round trip to and from your home, totalling 34 travelled miles. So the total mileage charge you will pay will be 34 miles x £0.75 = £25.50