Musculoskeletal is what most people we speak to expect physiotherapy to be. It involves treating the muscles, joints and other soft tissues to enhance and promote correct and efficient movement. It can reduce pain, increase range of motion and assist in recovery from surgery and accidents.

Joint Pain / Arthritis
Our joints go through a lot in a day. Most of them act as shock absorbers during activity and their efficient motion are essential in proper movement patterns. Because of this, when something isn't right, it can be a real problem. We can assess the joint to see what is causing the problem and treat accordingly, allowing you to get back to doing what you do.

Muscular Pain
We all get muscular pain. Whether this be through deconditioning, muscle loss, playing sports and exercising, or an injury, we can provide a vast variety of treatments to work on the cause and alleviate the pain.

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Sciatic Pain
Whilst sciatic pain is nerve pain, its root cause is usually musculoskeletal. "Sciatica" therefore is not a problem on its own, it is pain caused by another issue. We work with you to find out what this other issue is, and treat the cause, to alleviate the pain.

Post Surgery / Accident
Surgery and accidents can be some of the most stressful times of our lives. They can leave us with symptoms beyond the event that continue to have an impact on our lives long after the initial event. We can discuss with you the after effects of the surgery, and create a treatment plan to allow you to move on.