Neurological Phyiotherapy is the treatment of conditions that arise in the central nervous system. Our Brain and Spinal Cord ar responsible for all of our movement and sensation, so when something happens to disrupt this system, it can impact any part of our body.

Neurological physiotherapy can hep work through these lasting symptoms. Neurological symptoms often require a lengthier treatment time, but with hard work and the right treatment, extremely positive results can occur. 

Post Stroke Rehabilitation
There are two types of stroke. The most common is an Ischeamic stroke, which is caused by a blockage in the blood vessels, restricting blood flow to the brain. The second type is a haemorrhagic stroke, which is referred to as a bleed on the brain.

Following a stroke, you may be left with some symptoms such as weakness, muscle loss, poor coordination and movement or reduced sensation.

Depending on where in the brain the stroke occurred will depend on what symptoms you could have.

We carry out, full, in-depth assessments to ascertain how the stroke affects you, and from this, work with you to treat these symptoms.

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