The benefits of mobile physiotherapy

Here at Woodseats Physiotherapy, we don't have a clinical base point. We believe you will feel more relaxed and engaged in your treatment if you are receiving it where you feel most relaxed - at home. Today, Chris, our specialist physiotherapist, discusses why offering a completely mobile service has its benefits.

Convenient and time saving.

We all have increasingly busier schedules, whether this be pressure from work, cooking the tea, seeing to the kids - there's always something going on. Before you know it, its 9pm and you're ready for bed!

It may seem impossible to not only find an hour to receive some treatment for your complaint, but the commute time to and from your clinic of choice can make the whole thing completely unrealistic.

That's why we come to you. We work evenings and weekends, so when you have that hour free, we can come to you. We can also visit you at work, providing there is a clean, private room in which to do this. Our organised and punctual therapists will ensure they arrive on time, to make most of the time you have aside, without the stressful and consuming commute, allowing you get back to what is important - you and your family.

Cost saving

Because you don't have to travel, you won't be using the car for an extra journey. This is the first saving you make by having at home therapy.

Also, because we don't have expensive rent to pay on clinic rooms, we can pass these savings on to you, by offering affordable and highly competitive prices.

Finally, if you live within our designated boundary, all of our travel cost is covered in the set prices found on our website.

Comfortable and relaxing

For many of us, our homes are the place we find most relaxing and comfortable. We are familiar with the surroundings, and have reduced stress levels and anxiety when in our safe space.

This means, with no stressful commute, you can relax into the session right away, and get the most out of the time you have with our therapist.

"There's no place like home". Dorothy was right.

Reduced risk

For those who struggle with mobility, leaving the house or arranging transport to another unknown venue can be a real hassle. Not knowing the accessibility of a venue, or how to get there, or where to park when you arrive, can make the whole thing too daunting. If you have issues with your mobility, this is compounded even further.

By having us come to you, you can stay where you feel safe. You may have patterns of movement or adaptations to your home that enable safer, more independent movement. This keeps you safe, and reduces stress and anxiety by reducing the risk of mobilising to unknow venues.

Exercises tailored to you and your environment

Independent home exercises are an integral part of physiotherapy. Whilst our physiotherapist will offer hands on treatment, massage, pilates or guided exercises, they will also provide you with exercises to perform yourself at home.

When in a clinic, we do not know what your home environment is like. By visiting you in your own home, we can provide specific, tailored exercises to you and your surroundings, to enable you to get the most out of your time with us. This makes your care specific to you, and we can see you perform the exercises as prescribed.

We can bring weights, mats and resistance bands with us, and incorporate these into a variety of settings. Effective exercises can be performed on bed, on a dining room chair, on an exercise mat, on a stair or step, up against the wall or just standing. What's more, we can actually replicate motions you may find difficult, in the exact environment you struggle in, to build muscle memory and confidence performing the exact task with our support.

Personal and supportive

When discussing difficult issues, it is sometimes easier to be in an environment you feel safe and comfortable in. Not only this, it is easier to have loved ones and a support network around you throughout your treatment or recovery. This makes you more motivated and better supported to succeed, knowing your family are close by to assist you. Of course, some of us live alone, but this still allows you to be in a place of comfort, which can allow conversation to flow and build a rapport with your therapist.

All in all, we truly believe physiotherapy in a place of your choosing is the best way to go. The benefits of home rehab are clear to see, and we hope, should you try our services, you agree!


Specialist Physiotherapist

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