Respiratory care is our speciality, in which we have extensive experience and expertise in the field.

Respiratory physiotherapy focusses on the lungs and your breathing, to alleviate symptoms of breathlessness caused by restriction or obstruction in the airways.

Our Physiotherapist Christopher has worked in the field of respirator in the NHS and privately for several years and has a passion for respiratory care. 

We are able to offer advice and treatment in the following areas of respiratory care:

Inhaler device use and technique
There are various inhalers available on prescription, all with their own usage techniques and benefits. We can work with you to optimise these techniques to ensure you are getting the full benefit your inhaled medication is prescribed to bring.

Sputum / Airway Clearance
Sputum (phlegm) retention in respiratory disease is extremely common It can often limit your activity, or make you conscious about trying to clear it in public. We can work with you to provide you with tips and techniques to move sputum more easily, or provide manual assistance to remove more stubborn sputum.

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Pulmonary rehabilitation is a structured and progressive exercise programme which aims to strengthen your muscles and make them more efficient, to allow to do more activity before you get breathless, thus increasing your exercise tolerance and improving your quality of life.

Managing Breathlessness
Breathlessness is a debilitating symptom of lung disease and deconditioning which can limit every day activities, and make more exertional activities seem impossible. We work with you to identify the cause of breathlessness, and provide treatment and education, to allow you to manage your breathlessness long term.